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Club Penguin Membership Hack

Club Penguin Central

Are you looking for a Club Penguin Membership hack that you can use to get a free membership? Such a hack can allow you to play the game completely for free! You would never have to pay money again to play. How awesome would that be? Now I have looked all over the place for an actual membership hack but I have not been able to find one. Club Penguin Hack Now, if I were […]

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Signing Up For Club Penguin

Hey guys i`m back the reason why all of you are not able to sign up is because the club penguin administrators are doing some technical things to increase your fun on club penguin and make your time there better! Also, some of you don’t get the message that they are doing some technical things to the club penguin website. Thanks guys Goodbye!

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Club Penguin Pirate Party Coming In November

This month’s Club Penguin party is the Pirate Party and we have the walk through cheats coming to you. This party will be a lot of fun and we already have some clues on what just may happen. This is a very interesting party to wait for because we could perhaps see something new with Club Penguin. In one of the Club Penguin blogs there is a picture of a penguin and crab fighting one […]

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New Club Penguin Rockhopper Island Cheats

club penguin rockhopper island

There has been a bunch of talk about a new Club Penguin Rock Hopper island but we don’t know much about it yet. However, we do know that it is a very mysterious place and that Rock Hopper himself has been leaving clues around Club Penguin for all of us penguins. Club Penguin is asking you for help to draw what you think Rock Hooper island looks like. Perhaps Club Penguin is going to use […]

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New person in town!

Hey guys I’m a new author on this website and I’m happy to announce that I will be ¬†writing twice every week and answer your questions and have some answers for you and Goodnight.

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Club Penguin Cheats

The fun Club Penguin cheats are all listed below. Some are more popular than others but give them all a try for fun. All of these Club Penguin cheats, tips and secrets should work as we have tried them at the time of this posting. If they don’t work then Club Penguin probably took them off the game. Puffles Walk on Wall Cheat So this cheat will allow your puffles to walk on the walls […]

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Club Penguin Ghost Pin Cheat

club penguin ghost pin cheat

Hey guys, as many of you may know Club Penguin hides different pins every couple of weeks. The pin that is currently being hidden on Club Penguin is the Ghost Pin. This pin is harder to find then many other pins; however, we have already found the pin for you so you don’t have to search for it. It took us about ten minutes to finally find the hidden Club Penguin Ghost Pin but that’s […]

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Club Penguin Puffle Wild App Cheats

As many of you may not know, there is a new Club Penguin app game coming soon called the Puffle Wild. This game will be made available only through an app on both the android and Apple software. The new Club Penguin Puffle Wild app has already been launched but as of right now it is not global. Right now, as we speak the game is in its testing beta stage in Australia and New […]

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How To Get a Rainbow Puffle In The Hotel

Hey Club Penguin fans, today we are going to show Club Penguin members how to get a free Rainbow Puffle by just completing a few simple steps. Right now in the 13 floor hotel you can get a free Rainbow Puffle if you are a member. If you are not a member and want to be then check out to get a free one. To start your journey on getting the free puffle walk […]

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Solve The Mystery Hotel Halloween Party

Hey Penguin fans, so the Club Penguin Halloween Party is here and they need your help to solve the mystery. You must hurry though because you only have until November 5th to uncover the mystery that is going on with the ghost puffles. The hotel has shot up to thirteen stories overnight but that’s not all. Now there are reports of it being haunted, penguins have seen strange lights, objects moving on their own and […]

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Club Penguin Clothing Catalog October 2014 Cheats

The new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for October 2014 cheats are here. This catalog is one of the best because of all the different clothing and costumes that are in it. We all love dressing up for Halloween and its no wonder that Club Penguin is letting you do that for your Penguin as well. If you are looking for some cool costumes then check out the new October Clothing Catalog. In every catalog there […]

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