Club Penguin Membership Hack

Are you looking for a Club Penguin Membership hack that you can use to get a free membership? Such a hack can allow you to play the game completely for free! You would never have to pay money again to play. How awesome would that be? Now I have looked all over the place for an actual membership hack but I have not been able to find one.

Club Penguin Hack

Now, if I were the one to build a Club Penguin hack tool that you could download, I would basically build it so that you plugin your username and password from the game, and then the tool would spit out a membership code for you to use. The reason this will never work is because there is only one place that knows the actual membership codes that work. You guessed it, Club Penguin themselves. The tool would have to come directly from them and guess what!? They will never give away free memberships!

Club Penguin Hack Tool

No Hack Tool to Download? What Should You Do?

Because a membership hack tool does not exist and will never exist, you need to find an alternative way to get a free membership. Before I get to what that alternative is I need to tell you this secret! Never ever download a hack tool on someones website! It is probably a virus and will never actually give you anything! Now that I have mentioned that, I have got a way that you can get a free membership instead of using a CP hack tool.

Club Penguin Membership Hack

Every month, I do a giveaway on this site for a Club Penguin Membership. How does it work? Well there is no downloading or hacking involved I will tell you that! All I do for the giveaway is pick someone out of all my social media accounts that follows me and give them a membership! That’s right. Out of all of the people that Follow my Twitter, Like me on Facebook, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and Plus One me on Google+, I pick one, and just give them a membership.

Why Does an Actual Hack Tool Not Exist?

I have asked myself that so many times that its not even funny. If there was one that did exist, I would give you access to it and let you get as many memberships as you wanted. Like I mentioned above, there is know way Club Penguin or Disney would ever allow it! With that said, just follow me on all my Social Media sites and I will make sure you don’t need a hack tool!

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