Club Penguin Codes, Cheats, Guides & News - Best of 2014

Solve The Mystery Hotel Halloween Party

Hey Penguin fans, so the Club Penguin Halloween Party is here and they need your help to solve the mystery. You must hurry though because you only have until November 5th to uncover the mystery that is going on with the ghost puffles. The hotel has shot up to thirteen stories overnight but that’s not all. Now there are reports of it being haunted, penguins have seen strange lights, objects moving on their own and […]

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Club Penguin Clothing Catalog October 2014 Cheats

The new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for October 2014 cheats are here. This catalog is one of the best because of all the different clothing and costumes that are in it. We all love dressing up for Halloween and its no wonder that Club Penguin is letting you do that for your Penguin as well. If you are looking for some cool costumes then check out the new October Clothing Catalog. In every catalog there […]

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Club Penguin Scout Scarf Pin Cheat

scout scarf pin

Hey Penguin fans, so the new Club Penguin Scout Scarf Pin is available for you to collect. Club Penguin based this new pin off of its latest theme on the game, and that is why we have the Scout Scarf pin today. This is a cool looking scarf that you can collect as a pin; however, it would have been nice to wear this as an item as well. This pin is relatively easy to […]

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Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats

club penguin halloween party

It is almost the month of October and we all know what that means. Yes, the best party of the year is about to happen and that is the Halloween Party! The Club Penguin Halloween Party is voted one of the best parties of the year by gamers like yourselves. This year’s Halloween Party is going to be like no other with lots of new items and features. Prepare yourself to be scared with this […]

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Club Penguin Hacks

Club Penguin hacks are searched a lot around the internet from Club Penguin players looking for free coins and memberships. Check out these tips and secrets before you just go downloading stuff on your computer. Many people claim to have real working Club Penguin hacks; however, most of them are just spam that you will download to your computer. So what do you need to watch out for when looking at different hacks? Lucky for […]

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Club Penguin Anniversary Hat Code

It is time to celebrate the fifth year Club Penguin anniversary for the Spanish servers. Club Penguin has released a new code for this years fifth anniversary and we want to share it with you. We thought it would have looked similar to the Club Penguin beta hat; however we were wrong. Even though it doesn’t look like the beta hat it is still a very cool hat to unlock and wear around. The code […]

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Club Penguin Fruit Smoothie Pin Cheat

fruit smoothie pin cheat

We have the new Club Penguin Fruit Smoothie Pin cheat for you so you don’t have to spend an hour looking for it. The Fruit Smoothie pin is the newest pin that has been released by Club Penguin. This pin will only be up for a couple week so hurry up and grab it before it’s gone. Club Penguin pins are released every couple of weeks allowing you to collect them as you play. They […]

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Club Penguin School and Skate Party Coming Soon

We have some great news, the Club Penguin School and Skate Party is coming to Club Penguin on September 18th, 2014. We are not sure what it will all entail but we do know it will be something really great. What we do know is that the party has something to do with young children living in third world countries. It may appear that Club Penguin may be helping out kids who are in need […]

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Club Penguin Cheats September 2014 Clothing Catalog

Hey Penguin fans, just a reminder that the new Club Penguin September 2014 Clothing Catalog is here and we have the special cheats to show you.¬†Every month there is a new clothing catalog that comes out with new clothing and special items. Within the catalog there are hidden items that some people consider as cheats. Below we will show you where all the clothing catalog cheats are so you don’t have to waste your time […]

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How To Get The Key In Club Penguin Puffle Rescue

club penguin puffle rescue hidden passageway

Here is how to get the key in Club Penguin from playing Puffle Rescue. This key is to unlock the door in the under water room below the forest. You can get to this room by moving the boulder over in the Forest which uncovers a hidden passageway. The locked door opens up an under water room where you can hang out. In order to get the key in Club penguin you have to be […]

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