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Club Penguin Membership Hack

Club Penguin Central

Are you looking for a Club Penguin Membership hack that you can use to get a free membership? Such a hack can allow you to play the game completely for free! You would never have to pay money again to play. How awesome would that be? Now I have looked all over the place for an actual membership hack but I have not been able to find one. Club Penguin Hack Now, if I were […]

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Get a Free Rainbow Puffle Now

Well, the title says it all everyone, you can now get a free Rainbow Puffle by playing on the Club Penguin App. It has been a very long time since Club Penguin let a player get a free Rainbow Puffle and they are back at it again. By downloading the Club Penguin App from the App Store and or the Google Play you can get a free puffle. How cool is that? To download the […]

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The Club Penguin Fair 2015

The Club Penguin Fair 2015 is starting May 21st and continues through June 3.  The Fair is a fun place where you can play games, win prizes and meet new Club Penguin players. From what we are told, it sounds like Club Penguin has some exciting new features added to this year’s fair. You can count on us spending a bunch of time down at the Fair and playing games. You can win a lot […]

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Club Penguin Codes April 2015

Hi all you Club Penguin fans, we have the new Club Penguin codes for April 2015 for all of you to use to get free items. All of the new Club Penguin codes that we have listed below are for free unique items. All you have to do is head over to Club Penguin and enter each code individually. Once you submit the code you will get the unlocked item. Club Penguin Codes April 2015 […]

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Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Take Over App

Club Penguin just announced the new app that is coming out for this month and it is called the Star Wars Rebels Take Over. Knowing that Star Wars is packed with a lot of sword fighting this new Club Penguin app should be a lot of fun. The Star Wars app does not come out until January 22 so you have to wait a bit before you can participate. Club Penguin has not released any […]

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Merry Walrus Party Cheats

The new Club Penguin Merry Walrus Party is finally here and it is a fun one. This party is a little different than the other ones and it’s probably because its revolved around Christmas. The Merry Walrus Party is open from December 18 to the 29th. In this party you can get free gifts by participating in different traditions. There are four different traditions that complete the Merry Walrus party. Each day opens up a […]

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Merry Walrus Parade

The Club Penguin Merry Walrus Parade is here and has been very popular among Penguin players. If you want to check out the Merry Walrus Parade sign into Club Penguin and head over to the ski village. This parade is a cool place to hang out with friends and walk in front of the float or be one of the cool penguins to hang out on the float. You can walk or climb anywhere you […]

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New Events In December

We have a full fun month ahead of us on Club Penguin and there is a lot to talk about. This month, Club Penguin is going all out because of the holidays and that means more fun for you. Well lets get started because there is a lot going on that we want to share with you so you don’t miss out on anything. Here is what is coming to Club Penguin this December: Merry […]

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How To Build a Pirate Ship On Club Penguin

club penguin pirate ship

To Help celebrate the Club Penguin Pirate Party Club Penguin has put some amazing pirate ship pieces for sale in the furniture and Igloo catalog. Also, in the catalog is a picture of a well built pirate ship that you can actually build if you buy all the pieces. However, it is harder done than said, and trust me when I tell you that. Lucky for you, I have spent a long time trying to […]

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Club Penguin Pirate Party Duel Crabs Cheats

club penguin pirate party cheats

Finally, the Pirate party has arrived to Club Penguin and now we can battle crabs to get free loot and a lot of it I might add. The Club Penguin Pirate Party is first of it’s kind in that you get to duel other penguins for coins and crabs for loot. There are two parts to the new Pirate Party in which you can earn and collect free stuff. The first part is the Crab […]

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Signing Up For Club Penguin

Hey guys i`m back the reason why all of you are not able to sign up is because the club penguin administrators are doing some technical things to increase your fun on club penguin and make your time there better! Also, some of you don’t get the message that they are doing some technical things to the club penguin website. Thanks guys Goodbye!

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